At Jump Mania our #1 priority is safety! We strive to ensure that every jumping experience is safe for you, your family and friends.

Participation in any activity involves a level of risk. Whether you are going to the gym, playing sport or even just driving or walking to work, there is risk involved. Jumping on a trampoline also carries with it a level of risk and it is your decision as to whether the benefit of taking part outweighs the risk involved. To reduce the chance of injury we have developed safety systems and processes to make the use of our trampoline park safe for everyone. There is also a set of Jump Mania Safety Rules we ask you to follow. Please read and follow these safety rules to minimise the chance of injury to you and others.

The Jump Mania Safety Rules are here for a reason – to be followed and for your safety! Please respect the park and make it your business to know the rules and follow them. Prior to jumping, everyone must agree to the Conditions of Entry – this confirms you accept the safety rules and accept the risk involved with jumping in our trampoline park.

Each of the zones at Jump Mania will have their own specific safety rules and they will be clearly displayed. They will also be enforced by the Trampoline Deck Supervisors. There are rules you will need to consider prior to jumping and general rules that apply to the entire park. Specific rules also apply to the Bag Jump (airbag), The Slammer (basketball hoops), Champion Zone and Dodgeball Court. If you are not following the rules, you will receive a warning and if you continue to break the rules you will be asked to leave the trampoline deck.


  • REMOVE any large or loose jewellery to protect yourself, other jumpers & the trampoline equipment
  • EMPTY your pockets – you don’t want to lose anything!
  • NO food, drink or chewing gum whilst jumping
  • Please DO NOT jump if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, bad combo!
  • DO NOT jump if you have health limitations or pre-existing injuries – see your Doctor if you are unsure
  • Jump Mania grip socks must be worn on trampolines at ALL times. No Jump Mania socks – no jumping


  • Always jump within your own ABILITY
  • ONE person per trampoline
  • Be AWARE of other jumpers around you – give way to smaller children
  • No double bouncing
  • Always bounce in the CENTRE of the trampoline
  • NO Double bouncing – its not necessary and it’s dangerous
  • Do NOT land on the trampoline padding
  • Only ever land on TWO FEET (Except for in the Big Bag Jump (Airbag)), your back or on your bottom
  • NO running/racing/climbing up the walls
  • No mucking around, wrestling, pushing or shoving allowed – fullstop.
  • No tricks over the pads (from one tramp to the next)
  • You can do flips and bounce off the sidewalls but you must land on the trampoline directly next to it after your flip/bounce
  • And just a final reminder….. NO Double bouncing!
  • No sitting down/resting on the trampolines
  • NO double flips. Single flips are ok
  • NO NAME CALLING, unsportsmanlike behaviour or bad language allowed – ever


  • NO DOUBLE FLIPS, NO head first & NO diving or back flips into the air bag
  • NEVER land head first into the airbag
  • Land Flat on your back or butt
  • One Person per lane
  • After jumping, exit off the airbag straight away
  • No one can jump into the air bag until the previous jumper from their lane has exited off the air bag
  • No “running starts” allowed onto the air bag trampolines
  • No backflips while jumping forward


  • ONE person at a time – each person gets one dunk per turn
  • Stay in your OWN lane
  • No hanging on the rims or backboards or steel support structures
  • Adults and teenagers should not use the lane with the lower rim
  • By all means, practice your mad dunks – but only within your own ABILITY


  • ALWAYS jump within your own ability
  • Minimum height to jump is 125cm
  • Only ever get onto the purple blue or black box section with your feet only. (Getting up with the use of your hands is not permited)
  • Performance trampolines = extra bounce so be extra careful
  • The Champion Zone is for advanced jumpers only
  • No climbing the wall…….. They’re just for wall walking and wall running
  • Listen to Trampoline Deck Supervisor instructions at all times. No questions.


  • This area is dedicated for children 0-5yrs of age and who are also below 110cm in height (generally up to 5yr olds)
  • A dedicated area just to themselves so they can learn the ins and outs of bouncing around on trampolines


  • Each team should begin the game with an even amount of balls & players (max 8 per side)
  • You are allowed to block a ball with a dodgeball you are holding
  • Once you are out, exit off the court and wait until the next game
  • You are OUT if you have your ball caught on the full by the opposing team
  • You are OUT if you cross the centre line
  • You are OUT if you hold a ball longer than 10 seconds
  • You are OUT if you hit someone in the head
  • You are OUT if you are hit by a live ball
  • A “live ball” has been thrown and has not yet touched anything
  • A “dead ball” has been thrown and has touched something
  • First team to completely eliminate the opposing team are the champions!

If in doubt, ask a Jump Mania team member who will happily talk you through the Park Safety Rules.


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To all our value supporters and customers,
We are sorry to announce that due to new Government Regulations, we are shut effective immediately.

We intend, that maybe one day, we can reopen and we look forward to that day.

- Greg and the Jump Mania Team