Ipswich Chapter

Caragh Dickson & Pauline Bradbery

Ipswich Chapter
97a Winland Drive, Deebing Heights 4306 (Easement block – Drive down the driveway past the shed, there is plenty of parking near the house.)
Monday, June 3 (First Monday of each Month)
+61 466 445 080

I have a real passion to see business people walk in their Godly identity and use their businesses to benefit our community. I invite you to attend our next gathering where you will meet like minded business people as well as have access to practical business training. All events are free to attend. Below is a statement from our founder Wez Hone:

“I put together this next work as a way to bring together local communities of business people. Business can be a lonely place sometimes and these gatherings are a space for people to get connected as well as receive some practical training that is actionable in this modern era of business. When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices – Proverbs 11:10. You are welcome to attend and get involved to the level that suits you and your business.”


To all our value supporters and customers,
We are sorry to announce that due to new Government Regulations, we are shut effective immediately.

We intend, that maybe one day, we can reopen and we look forward to that day.

- Greg and the Jump Mania Team