Greg Roe (GRT) and Jump Mania

At Jump Mania Trampoline Park (JMTP), saftey is our number one priority and that's why we have partnered with GRT (Greg Roe Trampoline) to educate our staff how to safely supervise jumpers and monitor all jumping throughout the Park more effectively.   JMTP encourages all jumpers to receive training through our Jump Academy. Greg  recently visited in December 2016 on his World Tour and Jump Mania aims to partner further with GRT so that our trampoline park is as safe as it can be. Whilst Greg was here he has written the Jump Academy's Program and helped develop trainers who can teach these classes as well as teach beginers how to wall run. See Jump Academy and Wall Running Hang out Sessions


 About Greg

Greg Roe is a former member of Team Canada. He has retired from competitive trampolining and now travels the world training trampoline parks and gymnastic clubs on how to create safer environments. Greg has mastered many stunts that no one else in the world has completed. He has been a member of Nitro Circus earlier in 2016 bringing Trampolining mainstream.  Here is a sneak peak at some of the tricks that greg has performed.

See GRTs website for more details


Greg and Jump Mania believe that you cannot run before you can crawl and when on a trampoline it is no different. You need to have the building blocks of skills before you attempt get to get height or try any tricks especially where you are inverted. This is why we recomend people undergoing classes in our Jump Academy and caution unsupervised Trampolining where jumpers may have zero coaching.



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