Dodge Ball League

The details
  • 1st prize includes a 1 month unlimited jump pass for the entire winning team adter 2pm!
  • Teams consist of a minimum of 7 players 
  • It’s $90 per player for a 9 week term $100 a player for a 10 week term. etc
  • Games last for 30 minutes and consist of ten rounds
  • As part of the team fee, in addition to the game each week players may use the majority of park for 30 minutes.

  • If your game starts at half passed the hour (for example 6:30pm) your jump time in the park will be from on the hour to half passed (for example 6-6:30pm)
  • If your game starts on the hour (for example 6:00pm) your jump time in the park will be from half passed (for example 6:30-7:00pm)
  • 4 seasons per year, follows QLD school terms
  • Games commence on Wednesday nights starting at 5:30PM, 6:00PM, 6:30PM
  • Register your team over the counter during business hours
  • If you don’t have a full team or are an individual, we’ll hook you up with a team
  • For more information please email email/info)(

Joing a team in 2017 will be great way to make freinds, stay fit and unleash your inner competive beast!!


Term 4 2017 - Sign on the 4th of October 2017 at 5:30pm



Teams of Term 3 2017


Assasins - Well done for taking out the Season 5 premiership!

 Venomous Beasts

 Tripple Flippers

The Flames

Teams of Term 2 2016

The Strikers - Season 4 Champions!!! 

The Iluminati - Runners Up

The Stingers

Teams of Term 1 2016

The Iluminati

The Stingers

The Dodgers

The Shooters

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